ok ok i confess… the only reason i care to read authors like gabriel garcia is because i think it is cool to read a serious author by serious i mean ‘non ludlumised’ i mean no offence to mr. robert…i am his biggest fan btw…its just tht i hv alwaz read books which were international political potboilers..full of consipiracy and evil twists….newaz the bottom line is this that i hv never considered my self a voracious reader…i never read because of the pleasure of devouring beautiful literature…i mean i never was the one in search for hidden beauty of language if u knw what i mean…i alwaz read to knw the nxt thing that is gonna happen..for me readin was heavenly when there was this unsatiable desire to turn the page jus to knw whether the president is gonna push the button or not..(hehehe)….


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