Whoooooooo….Wham !

ever heard to sum random blabbering of a turbulent mind…well i will give u a chance hereby.
see without any risk of stepping into the realm of self praising pompous hard asses, i can safely declare that i just might be the guy with the most sensitized emotional quotient.
yeah believe me and i am sayin this without an ounce of exaggeration…u need less than a pin drop to metamorphosize me from bubbly happy-go-lucky kiss-my-ass teenager to a pensive hermit hidden within the folds of Himalayas…and here is the strange part…the hermit doesn’t necessarily sit gloomily all day lng…as u wud be expected of a bogged down guy…he hides himself in this estranged mist of disenchantment and begins dishing out his own self calculated interpretations of every phenomenon worth talking two hoots about in this world …..


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