how do u define a listless dead pan feeling of floating mid air in the galactic space time continuum….well u dont..rather u cant..any attempt to fight it off would merely result in an even more prolonged stay in this suspended animation ..thts the whole beauty of it…newaz i dont intend to carry on this senseless tirade..
changin subjects..lemme tell u ..any one even who has even a remote desire to lead a contended life must understand the importance of an opiniated mind….belive its the key to everything…i am one of the few unlucky ones for whom forming a opnion on anything is a grade A headache…be it trivialities such as what to eat…or more intellect engaging thoughts like …what do u like about the author u just read..belive me posed with such a sucker my esteemed opnion wud go no farther than things like…’yeah i had fun reading it’….duhhhh…
sumtimes i feel i’d rather sleep my life away…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


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