if sumone were to ask me to zoom upon a couple of wrds which define my life….they wud definitely be ‘if…’ nd ‘why…????’ sounds cryptic ehh…well, welcome to the perplexingly incomprehensible world of mine…
i hv lost count the no. of times i have looked bck nd rued ‘if only..’ or i hv looked at the skies in desperation nd cried out ‘why’….i shud really maintain a diary of events squencing all my misfortunes…all those which i remember..
early jan => lost my DL..( i mean cmon hu the hell manages to lose DL)..
early feb => got ripped off …700 bucks…this i assure u was nt moi fault(may the curse of seven seas fall on that sodden character)
mid feb => manage to get my ATM card blocked..(again…)
feb end => gran’dady of all the things which shud never happen to anyone…happens to us..
march => descendants of gran’dady continue to impale with increasing ferocity…
early april => run ins with authorities continue..this time came quite close to a bumper arse kicking(literally)…

newaz it’s not like its been a continuous slide towards the nether world…more like a roller coster…(which makes it even more painful)..no longer do we begin to relax nd let down our guard..life strikes the low blow…
its like i being squeezed from all sides…but then again ..nd i luv to say this..when i am up against a wall .. i am at my best..;-)
see but i am not here solely to rant nd cry bout it…i know a lot worse happens to a lot more innocent and undeserving people all around the world…nd much worse cud hv happened to us….but still whts unfair is unfair..moreover i realized last night..(during another of my pre sleep counselling sessions)..that sumwhr in the back of my mind….i am actually nt exactly disliking it…i derive a sadistic pleasure in self misery….(ewwwww..wht exactly am i..)
wanna see hw much worse can it be…hw much more can he send it nd hw much more can i handle…nd newaz i am a staunch believer in the law of averages….life nd time are gr8 levellers…so god would hv to send a mountain of joy to fill in the pit of misery he has dug….(talk bout being ever optimistic)
till then….


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