School Days

skoooooool daaaayyyss….skoooooooooll daaaaaaaayyyss..(its supposed to be sung with a deep resonant timbre for the desired effect..)
there wont be a single logical college going soul in this world who doesnt look bck at his school days fondly nd longingly at some point of time during his arduous coll. life..i mean i atleast miss lotsa things of those days yonder…yeah i still remember back in clas 9th daily i used to reach skool 45 mins early…cuz there was this girl whose rikshawallah used to drop her in the first shift…nd needless to say she waz gorgeous nd apparently i was in love with her….so there i was every morning sharp at 6:45..waiting in the was tht fun…
i miss the Rs 2.5 samosa in the shop jus outside the school gate….tht used to be the most happening hangout joint for us ‘kids’….nd dammit bunking calsses used to be fun back then…the thrill of getting caught…nd a subsequent chance to engage in yet another verbal duel with principal…declaring a chalk war on the girls in middle of chemistry class….breaking test tubes jus to hear the sound of glass shattering…yeah we were evil imps…
man i cud go on and on..the list wud be endless…


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