man wht a whirlwind day….so totally tiring….feel totally drained and sucked empty..
btw i realized on an average day, so many things come to my mind which are worth penning down…but when time comes to do the deed…i have in all probability forgotten them or if by any chance i remember them, their significance is no longer apparent to me…shud strt carryin a diary and a pen with me…i do have a abysmally low short term memory vaise.. cuz it has happened so many times tht i read sumthing and by the time i finish the text i realize tht i have forgotten major portions of it….nd trust me thts not cuz of a shaky concentration cuz i understand pretty much everything while reading..jus tht i fail to retain most of it…
ohh i had a couple of more things to write…but time running out..
till then…


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