Another day of the Year

went home early yesterday…had nthin to do in college..newaz watched sunset after a long time..tell u wht… there is nthin better than realxing in an easy chair, your feet propped up a footstool, watching the sunset and reading some light headed book…cudnt have ended the day on a better note….i used to do this almost daily back in lucknow..only the book was replaced by a walkman…(trust me that is even better…especially if you happen to have a crush on a girl)…watching the sunset, listening to some killing music..and thinking about the one person you would like to be with right then….man..tickles the romantic side of me…
talking about girls…what is the single most important advantage of having a girlfriend…i mean why would any one feel the urge(if at all….) of dating someone…(apart from the obvious non-platonic charms)..well in my case i love the feel of knowing that for someone atleast you are the world…(boooooooooooooohh…i sound either like a conceited bastard or a sorry ass loser..) well i am neither..but then again i read this ultra famous book yesterday..’catcher in the rye’ and believe me all i can think of is words like ‘puke’ and ‘phony’ and ‘depressing’ and ‘madman’ cuz these are the only few words used in the novel…which by the way is a major literary feat i think…may be there are certain deeper philosophical, psychological, metaphysical and godknowswhat-ical issues involved but then again i was never good at grasping such things..although i hvnt finished it..some 20 odd pages left..but man wht a damp squib it has turned out to be…simply it is a story of a total loser and how he spends a couple or so of his sorry ass days after getting kicked from the school….the author has written in very plain and daily-talk sort of way…which seems nice at first but soon tends to get devastatingly boring and repetitive ….


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