onr dos tres

does need fuel desire or desire grows into need..?? where is the fine line between compulsive disorder and earnest passion…i cud write a thesis on this topic..no thts not correct..i cud think of a thesis…putting them to words is a different ball game all together…
coming to more important and practical topics..world cup is underway…le joga bonito shall rule the planet for the next month…vaise seriously wht is it about this game that makes world go tizzy…i know for those who know me..it might seem a bit odd..but yeah i cant explain it..jus as u cant explain why the sublime melody of mozart captivates some…they say love is blind and football is religion..
when england lost to argentina in ’86 the english fans lamented..saying wud hv been better if they had lost the falklands war instead…footall is war…
there is this interesting anecdore i read sumwhr lng time bck…dun remember the author..some sports writer..
he was strolling on this beach sumwhr in chennai..a group of teenagers were playing football there…a old forlorn looking man, some vendor of sumthin was keenly watching the game when suddenly he yelled angrily…” @#$%&^# who does he think he is …pele..”, the cause of his outburst was an audacious manoeuvre by one of the kids which fell apart midway…the author walked up to him and asked him..”you know who pele is..?”….the vendor looked at him with comtempt and sarcasm filled eyes..”you ask me who my god is..” footballer is god…

i still remember in ’98 i bought this english cassette by ricky martin..it was my first foray into english music…the second wud come about 3 yrs later… i had no idea who the hell he was..or what songs were in it…but it had the world cup theme song in it..the album was called veulve i think..cost me 125 bucks…cudnt eat samosa frm the canteen for a couple of months…but used to jump around to the tune all day…i even dreamt of becoming a soccer player when i was a kid…but then i dreamt of few other things also..
newaz gtg now..till then…onr dos tres ale ale ale…


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