bck …crawlin…

hmm..as far as this blog is concerned i have leapfrogged a huge (and eventful) part of my life, bout 3 months.. all the last month prep…the nervousness on xam day…euphoria of result…well i was never too gud at writing bout the action..:P i am much better at pennin dwn my miseries..so here i am…ever faithful to my blog whenever i think i am bout to lose it..:P

the crucial time of “converting the calls” is here..almost over wud be closer actually…hv my first interview in 5 days….nd i am LOST…ohh did i hear welcome to the club chants…balls !!..prepare to the make me the club president…:P

newaz i heard people say gdpi prep helps u knw urself better…well i beg to differ as all it has done so far is make moi a stranger to me..:D.. but then again i never considered myself normal when it came to normal things..:)

i mean here i am with single(nd i mean single..u hv no idea wht a goofball i am).. achievement of my life, nd i aint even allowed to “bathe in the glory”..(ok tht came out pompous…totally unintended..:P) ..y?? cuz i am filled with trepidation tht whether i really deserved it or
not..tht cuz i have no idea whr to go frm here..kinda sux..but then again kinda fair…cuz see sumone hu can ace gdpi deserves more to be a mngmt grad thn sumone hu had a gr8 CAT…
i guess all i can become is a gr8 S.H.I.T head(ref: watch the movie “accepted”..:P)


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  1. u’ll do well in all of ’em dude…dun worry, not all interviews will be centered around questions on ‘dancing’ 😛

  2. haha actually it wud be better if they jus ask me to dance and rate me solely on the performance..:P

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