shud u

is being introvert bad..??
obviously not in absolute terms. but what if sumone tries to be consiously an extrovert, in an effort to be more sociable towards his peers and friends…thts not bad too right..??
but then isnt he putting up an fake front for the world..that cant be good right..??

wht do u do..??

einstein had a bad first marriage, he liked the girl alright but he jumped into marriage cuz he thought he wudnt hav to worry over trivialities of practical life such as food, clothes, rent and all blah…obviously the “arrangement” din wrk out…the problems jus got replaced…nd he din knw wht to make of them..does tht make einstien a pompous self centered arse..??

shud u align ur priorities to the generic draft given to u by “soceity”, if no then whr do u draw the line..?? isnt sacrificing ur ideas to a certain extent for the satisfaction of ur loved ones necessary..??
if u shud then is it worth taking the risk of becoming an ever frustrated seethin-below-the surface ball of dissatisfaction.

what if u do gud jus to feel gud about urself..isnt this selfishness in a fancy garb..??


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  1. the most cliched answer to this wud be “everythin’s relative” 😛

    but in my view, i guess a person shud not be an open book.there shud be a few chapters which one shud not reveal to no one !

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