GD was a case study bout robert scott and ernest shackelton and their antarctic voyage…hw one persisted and whole team died…nd one came bck and saved the team..wht wud u advice..
7 people..one absent so total of 6 guys…so ample airtime..very peaceful GD..gud points by all…felt pretty gud after comin out..PI was a bit of dampner..:/
was second last to be interviewed..
one lady prof and one male prof..

Q: so long wait for u..wht did u find out thru ur frnds..??(i have been asked this in every PI so far..:P)
A: arbit crap bout only asked wht sort of q the panel was askin..hw even if i knew the ques it wudnt help…u wont probably ask the same ques..etc etc. blah blah..

Q: so did u join any coaching for CAT..(hv also been asked this every time.. )
A: yes

Q: so wht were u taught thr..
A: blah blah…said general things…said tht the mock GD’s help to an extent..

Q: u seem to have travelled a lot..whr r u frm originally..
A: jeevan gatha suna di..

Q: so mus be knwin tamil..
A: ..no maam..
Q: whts this degree u are doin..
A: told..(its ICT..pretty obscure i guess..:P)

Q: temme sumthin bout ur BTP..
A: spoke a lot..(its bout GSM security..few cross q..sumthin bout a super comp in vancouver tht will make every encryption obsolete....din much bout tht but handled it ok..)

Q: so u have taken a course on discrete maths…wht did u study…(nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)
A: told..cudnt answer a few things..

Q: why hv u taken a course of satyajit ray..(O SHIT)
A: a course in humanities compulsary…etc. etc. again messed up on a few factual question..but handled bout his films okish..

Q: 5 years from now..
A: (ready steady go……) blah blah..

Q: rubbish..this is an impossible dream u are chasing..
A: gave some more points..some more cross q…they let go of it smilin..

Q: so ur fav sport is both bsktball and football…(this i cannot mess.. )
A: spoke a few things…

thts bout it..aur kuchh yaad nahi aa raha..it all lasted hardly 12-13 mins..while other PI’s were goin on for bout 20-25…

over all they wanted me to talk..less of questions..nd i readily obliged..
dunno wht to make of it..


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  1. achha hi hua na…u’ll get it dun wry 🙂 but the repetitve questions in each IIM was a kind of a shock 😮

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