GD bout corporate social responsibility…10 people
went okish..we were short on pointsas a grp..

was the last one to be interviewed…
two panelists

Q: so sankalp temme sumthin bout u..
A: blaaaaaaaaah

Q: so long wait for u..wht did u find out thru ur frnds..??(i have been asked this in every PI so far..:P)
A: fumbled a bit..(pata nahi kyon..:/)

Q: so did u join any coaching for CAT..(hv also been asked this every time.. )
A: yes..said general things…said tht the mock GD’s help to an extent..

Q: wotcha gonna do if u get rs 1 crore (hehehehehe)
A: said sumthin bout judicious spending…will try to reap lng term benefits
of it…

Q: so whr r u frm originally..

Q: wht does ur dad do
A: told

Q: nitish accuses lalu of stealing his glory..he did the wrk in railways nd lalu gettin credit..wht do u say..(hey bhagwaan..:/)
A: said some arbit things bout how both are responsible to some extent..(had no factual knowledge…but i guess they werent lookin for any..)

Q: gave the example of how qutab minar built by two people..but named after only one..
A: said sumthin to the lines of history written by survivors…

Q: do u knw of any mangment gurus..
A: told

Q: ne indian mngmnt gurus..
Alanat hai koi yaad nahi ayaa.. ) told the name of arindam chaudhary..only tht i called him arindam bhattachatya..:P ..(messed this one..)

Q: asked y cant dabba guys be mngmnt gurus..
A: (batti jali..)agreed..said hw learning can be soaked frm ne whr..

tht was it..10-12 mins..
very relaxed…so cant say hw it went..


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  1. what i wanna know is what would u actually do with one crore 😛

  2. wont try for IIM for sure..:P

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