GD topic : the validity of science lies in it’s power to predict..(dun remembe rthe exact words..) 9 people in my grp…
first an essay for 10mins then 15mins discussion..
din hv a very gud GD..made jus one new point…tht too nt discussed much…din spk much overall..wud rate myself at 6/9

two panelists for interview..same as GD

q hello sankalp take a seat..so wht do u want in life..why mba..
a same ole ans..

q but u dun need mba for this
a sumthin tht mba might nt be the only but the most efficient way..

q so u are frm abc skool..(my skoolin has been done in lko…they had heard of it..they knew the principal also..)

q wht open electives did u take
a answered…

q so wht authors did u read in sci-fi
a told..

q wht books of isaac asimov .?
a answered

q do u knw the three laws of robotics..
a sir dun remeber them exactly…(told the first one)

q (interuptin me..) do u think this is science..
a gave a middle of line answer..but said tht i think yes..

q dun u think it is more in the area of ehtics and morals..
a told hw it is akin to ne protocol or alog..in the end u are givin instruction to a machine..so it is science..

q tell me sumthin bout ur btech project
a told the topic..(gsm security)

Q interrupts and asks to define all the basic things gsm cdma wll..
a told

q number of mobile subscribers in india.(cmon man ask bout the security stuff..!!!! )
a nt sure of exact number but more than landline..(was nt sure of this too..:P)

q teledensity of india
a dun knw exactly..

q wht is BPO/KPO
a told..

q so whts the difference
a answered…sum cross q…answered them decently..

q name some company in KPO
a wasnt sure..thought of guessin..but then said dunno…

tht was about it i think..PI was nt bad…though i did use dunno a few times…but GD was nt gud at all…


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