had it in mumbai ..morning panel..
case study pretty avg i think…nthin very gud bout it…

3 profs
q so sankalp..tell us about urself…briefly..jus wht all u wud like us to know..
a ramboed on bout everything…love bsktball..football..njoi dancing…passionate reader..

q ohh..so u too in the same team as the prev guy..(we were batchmates …:P)
a yes sir..we both in coll team..

q so hu is better of u…he said se is the best player in coll..
a said somethin..a team game..nd he plays pivot so has more scoring options…(lol sharad…yes to nahi bolta naa..:P)

q tell me the latest books u hv read..
a told 2-3…

q so tell me bout razor’s edge..(the book i mentioned..)
a told..

q so hw many books u manage in a month..
a blah..

q wht bout dance..wht dance u do..
a never learnt formally..but take part in competiotions etc.. when chance comes..

q so wht do u knw bout indian railway..
a told general things..few things mentioned in rail budget..(was screwed over this in I…so was ready this time)

q did u perceive ne chnges urself..
a said sumthin..bout number of unreserved coaches in mumbai pune route

q are u an extrovert and introvert
a arbit answer..(smiles all around..)

q which stream..
a (as if u expect me to knw…:P) told the true thingy..

q nd hw do u think comin to iim wud help u in knwing tht
a how with increased knowledge wud be able to judge better..

q ne q from us..
a no sir..

tht was it ..almost an informal chat it seemed..kept smilin all thru..
so thts the end of all iim PI’s..now the wait begins..


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