3 panelists..this was by far my longest interview so far..20mins…:P
nd yeah my first HR-less interview..

P1 so wht does sankalp mean (urs truly’s name)
a answered

p1 so ur dad wrks in cnbc
a (bad bad direction) yes sir…some q on wht wrk he does..answered

p1 news channels starved of news..wht do u think..
a sumthin bout y 24/7 is necessary…diff people hv diff times to watch…convenient time differs..

p1 commercialisation of news..gud/bad ?
a answered

p1 hw do we knw u are a gud engg..can u measure worth by books read…
a sum diplomatic answer..told bout a proj done in persistant..

p1 wht wud u look for if u are recruiting…
a answered..

p2 (lotsa q on acads) whts tcp/ip..telnet ftp..protocol used by them…number of layers..
a answered all decently…din knw few q bout telnet..

p2 (now comes bad part) wht in soft engg course…models..prac examples…
a fumbled a bit on prac examples…:P once again told bout the proj i did in the course…

p3 wht do u knw bout fight between anil/mukesh..reasons..
a told..very unconvincing answer…

p3 whts nifty junior…??
a (ahahahaha) dunno sir..strtin tellin bout nifty..but interupted..

p3 whts wpi
a told.

p3 implications if cpi increases by 5% and wpi by 6%..
A ( :O..yeh kya hai…but i had decided to answer this…) gave two things which struck me on the spot…he wanted more…said dunno.(vaise wht wd be the correct answer for this ??)

tht was it…no y mba nd all..:/

edit: program BM and fresher..no wrk ex.. interview at xaviers coll mumbai…very stimulating campus..:P


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  1. u bet šŸ™‚
    n ATB .. hope u sail thru dis yr..

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