Well I have heard loads about how overrated MBA is and how fantastically over-hyped IIMs are. As to my personal opinion, I would reserve it till I get the fortuitous chance to look at things up close. Any ways, till then I have something for all you wannabe MBAs to brood over.

There is this friend of mine who gave CAT this year, 7-8 months work-ex. Well he got calls from
ACLI. Well B is understandable but yes, gods own IIM too chose to gave him a naught. Naturally a bit perplexed, he mailed the IIMK guys. Not that he expected any illuminating answer, but he did get one.

i would try to reconstruct that two line mail almost verbatim, and then you be the judge..:)

we are very sorry to inform you that we missed your number by mistake but since now calls have been given out, we cannot do anything.
we regret the inconvenience.


PS well ok.. last line was mine..they must have ended it someway:P

so there you are, now you may say my sense of humour sucks..but somehow this cracked me up..:)


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  1. this is wat i wud call a grave comedy of errors.. hehe
    went thru the post u mentioned…r u my evil twin by any chance .. 😀

  2. seems like IIMK’s administration is filled up with guys like me…

    when r ur results expected…

    U still owe me a party if u remember?? u claimed i am the first one to tell you to write CAT 🙂

  3. @deepu
    dun wry dood..jus lemme get into one of those…party is all urs..:)

  4. still doin the groundwork man.. before i actually get down to intvwing..will definitely post d experience:D

  5. rotflmao…btw, ur IIM C int seemed more like an evening chat over tea !

    ps : was it ‘viraj’ by ne chance ?

  6. @abhay yeah it was viraj…hw did u guess. :O

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