fEAr Of rEAsOn

early morning…more like a late night. watching the sun rise after waking through the night is…is different. wonder why i never thought of that before; right, i knew, i just never thought about it.

action without reason is annhilating, but what is even more destructive is lack of action because of denial to reason. someone once said that there are no secrets, just hidden truths. i bet he managed to fill a deep void inside.

what is even more fascinating is the reason for denial. it has got nothing to do with failure to think. its about fear, the raw fear of consequences of thinking, the fear of unveling something which you perceive your will mind will never comprehend, the fear coming face to face with something you have tried all your life to avoid.

but i wouldnt say it is always that simple. you do tend to hit the stonewall when you dont even know what you are looking for, and believe me it is not a pleasant feeling, people who stay away from this twisted road are the lucky ones. but then again i guess they are missing something else, something very mysterious. anyways it is not the operative concern here. what is important is how you deal with the frustration. how deep you are ready to go down the road to get what you want.

ok i will stop the stupored ranting, but still it is the truth; truth that works most of the times, if not always.

till then..


Posted on March 27, 2007, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. “how deep u would go to get what u want”. the question of what one wants is bad enough to spoil a weekend..the longer kind.

    I suggest, let the question of ‘how deep’ be left to the more tranquil,patient,and focussed among us.

  2. a weekend..!! huh i have spent way more quality time than that..

    infact the question with me is even more generic…whether its i who want it or its the social animal in me..:P

    the persuasive power of social acceptance is very intense however much i may fancy myself to be above it..:D

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