another morning, another sunrise. nothing like a whiff of fresh morning air. there is something about the implicit coldness which pumps you up, and that is even when you have spent the entire night waking up.

anyways my admiration for human mind grows. it is hard to imagine the wonders this roughly 3 pound mass of convoluted ugly tissues can do. the myriad emotions and feelings that can emerge from the slightest interplay of chemicals. to think that even the most passionate feelings; be it the fiercest or the tender most, are nothing but the result of secretion of few drops of chemical fluid.

such a let down if you really think about it. kinda deromanticizes life. removes the heroic aura from the human spirit…. or does it ? baahhh..early morning fills me with crappy thoughts…!!!

i did have a detailed discussion with someone on what is the correct interpretation of “living life to the fullest”. does it mean to let go and let the feelings rush in and overwhelm you or to examine each and every sensation and allow entry to only the feelings you want to live with, which possibly might colour you with a artificial hue.

obviously the answer would be somewhere in the middle, but finding that middle is the crux. i guess there is no one way to live life, oe else where would be all the fun. 😛

to the eternal quest….called life.


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