the other day i was reading some book and i thought so what do i look for in an author ?
actually a few words in the book itself set me thinking.
sometimes what i seek in an author is the transgression from societal rules. i seek to sanction a writer’s worth through his sins.

a writer projects his persona through his words. the mere fact that he is coming out with his rebellious thoughts is charming to me, my mind derives perverse pleasure from corruption of pure. at some level i love to see the soul grovelled by vices, be it lust, greed or jealousy. so does that mean i have inherently sadistic desires.

i am yet to confirm it through my actions and probably i would never do, because i think these likes of mine are driven by my ever present fascination with human mind and its limits.
i say it because i am equally moved by the spectacle of human spirit standing tall through every roadblock thrown its way. i am a sucker for the ‘eternal underdog story’.

waiting for the dark side to outshine the light..:P
so long..


Posted on April 17, 2007, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. cough cough….

    will the real sanky please stand up please stand up…

  2. huh…try the summoning charm..:P

    accio sanky 😛

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