shud hv posted this a couple of days earlier, but then all u people wud hv heard wud hv been ‘yuhoooo’s and yahoooo’s πŸ˜›

so moi got thru IIMC finally…nxt two years in JOKA land..:) cudnt possibly have got a better b’day gift..:)

the elation has given way to the calm finally, been reading each and every snippet of info about IIMC i can get.

wanna soak up the nerve racking, exhausting routine as much as i can before actually getting to the hallowed portal of IIMs πŸ™‚

till then…

PS wanna write lots more about the thoughts floating in the slimy thing called brain of ine; but but but absolutely have to finish the BTP report today…:(


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  1. Congratulations pal πŸ™‚

  2. hey … congratzz

    reached ur blog thru PG .. i have just completed my mba frm joka … gud blog .. keep writing



  3. @prasoon thnx dude…:)
    @prayank wrds of praise frm a senior..is this a lucky day or wht..:P

  4. hey… nice place you have here. was just wondering how did you land up on mine?

    btw, good to hear that u’r heading to joka… i happen to be prayank’s senior… 2006 grad.

    and my struggle isn’t with the sea… its with myself! and thats why its all the more difficult πŸ™‚

  5. @raven

    spot on…the struggle within is the hardest to win..:|

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