life in the fast lane

Whoaaah bruaaah duhh arghhh and humph! Life is all about expression. 2 days and life seems ready to gulp you in, squeeze you to a pulp then dry you on a thorny clothesline and spit you like a wandering mosquito.

Ok the point got lost in between but then wht the hell, i never catered to the ‘masses’

You hear it, you talk about it and then you feel it, and you realize how petty and worthless assumptions can be.

Life so far has been good, but you can actually feel the storm brewing somewhere. it is a revelation definitely, the perspective dwarfs you and the people overwhelm you.

as the cliched term goes, you will have to ‘ get in the groove’.

Somehow i feel my ever ready pessimism…err no..realism will bring a refreshing point of view to the ‘life@ IIMC’

Actually this is something i have observed over the years, pessimism is a crutch for the weak or rather the scared. obviously i have yet to distill the learning from observation. guess time for some self-flagellation 😀 or in plain terms beating over the head.

newaz children ranting over…the pleasure of me babbling is not a freebie from now on, people tell me i am supposed to be a big man now.

so long 🙂


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  1. when the time for ‘flagellation’ comes and that is the means of getting in the groove… than sure life is in the fast lane and gears are at the upward way to support the speed too, you are just more than fit… good to know all that dost…

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