rants galore..

How do you dupe yourself, and how do you qualify the fact that you are entirely self aware of the said knavery? Letting go can be a disease; no, it is a disease; always.

‘desire’, the word has originated from the latin phrase ‘de sidere’ meaning from the stars. Adds a romantic dreamy feel to the word ehh.  How often does one crave for that starry eyed look in one’s own eyes.

Escapism as way of life is all good; but then aren’t you are changing the basic premise of ‘living’. (This coming from the biggest proponent of escapism)
But then again is not freedom the one thing that defines or rather constructs your way of life? How do you judge the quality of someone else’s life? Do not try; you can not.
Haah it takes courage to accept that you are a coward.

How easy this one admission makes things for you. One unbreachable shield for all your guilt bombs.


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