i hate this…makes me feel all grown up :X

got this in an email
you know you grew up in India in 90’s if :

You know the words to ‘In-pin-safety-pin’ and ‘akkad-bakkad’ by heart
You have read at least some Chacha Chaudhary or Tinkle comics
You’ve watched Shaktimaan on TV at least once in your life. And you can immediately recognize the character when you see him.
You watched corny dubbed versions of Small Wonder, Silver Spoon, and I Dream of Jeanie
You were THRILLED when McDonald’s opened in your neighborhood (or even eight kilometers away)
A visit to Pizza Hut used to mean a special treat
You have seen Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun at least 5 times each
You still remember the theme song to Hum Paanch.
You have played hours upon hour of some or all of these Pukdam-pakdai, oonch-neech, kho-kho, ‘Doctor, doctor, help us!’, ‘Lock and key’
You collected trump cards of wrestlers, cricketers, and airplanes, and did not quite understand why your younger siblings were obsessed with Pokemon and the other Japanese trends that followed.
Your summer vacations were often synonymous with visiting your grandparents
You know the song ‘Made in India’ by Alisha Chinoi
You were the coolest thing in class if you had a computer in your house while it was still the 90s.
You couldn’t wait to start 4th/6th standard so you could start writing with PENS instead of with pencils!
You often you terms and phrases like ‘kutti’, ‘abba’, ‘same to you, back to you, with no returns’, and ‘shame shame, puppy shame, all the donkeys know your name.’
You thought seeing English movies and speaking English made you the coolest thing ever.
You have had endless packets of Parle Gluco G biscuits, and of Brittania Little Hearts biscuits.
You have probably consumed more Frooti in your lifetime than there is oil in Iraq.
You watched Baywatch on Star World even though (or because) your parents said you shouldn’t watch it.
You used to chew Big (big) Babool and/or Boom Boom Boomer chewing gum. They were bright pink and disgusting tasting, but you loved them for the temporary tattoos.
Seemingly senseless acronyms like SRK, DDLJ, KKHH actually make sense to you.
Baskin Robbins ice-cream was THE thing to have!
You know what Campa Cola is. And you also knew that Coca Cola was THE drink.
When you would watch WWF keenly every evening/afternoon and really think that Undertaker had 7 lives and he made an “actual” appearance in the Akshay Kumar- starrer Khiladiyon ka Khiladi.
You remember the Nirma tikia jingle.
You remember the Nirma girl.
You remember the ‘doodh doodh’ ad and also the ‘roz khao andey’ ads.
You grew up reading, if you read at all, some or all of Nancy Drews, Enid Blyton books, Hardy Boys, Babysitters Club, Animorphs, Sweet Valley series, Judy Blumes, and Tintin, or Archie comics. Because naturally, reading foreign authors made you much cooler than reading Tinkle.
Towards the late 90s (1998-99) at least some of us started our Harry Potter obsessions!
You absolutely HAD to go to Essel World if you went to Mumbai! “Essel World mein rahoonga main, ghar nahin nahin jaaonga main!”
You watched the Bournvita Quiz contest on TV pretty religiously. The smarter ones amongst you actually took part in it and had your entire school and your entire extended families watch you on it!
“Jungle jungle baat chali hai, pata chala hai. Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai, phool khila!”
90s Classic! Yay for Rudyard Kipling and Doordarshan adaptations!
You remember the song “haahaa heehee ho gayi chhutti”


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  1. a blast from the past šŸ™‚ each sentence flashed up a memory, a joyful moment…gr8 read

  2. true indeed……can relate to many if not all……
    u know somethings don’t change heard some lil kids playing “chal chameli bag main”(tht we gals used to play……….)with same actions of hand.
    But yes they also have the English version now šŸ™‚

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