death and beyond..

watched the movie “the fountain”, awesome concept. for people who live for movies with deep meanings and philosophical messages, this is THE movie to watch.

now having said that, i definitely am not one of them. i hate when people make a 2hr movie to send through a message entailing an abstract “so called” philosophical reality of life like “death is not the end” or “life is a journey, which doesn’t end in death” or few others which this movie tried to portray.

i mean i for one have a totally different objective of watching a movie. if i want to don my thinking cap and ponder over the abstract metaphysical intricacies of the mystery called life i don’t want a movie to tell me how to do it. of course dissecting the practical aspects of life and people at an empirical level is different. i love it !

of course this a totally personal preference. it’s not that i don’t like thought provoking movies. i am a big fan of intricate plots and gripping storylines with convoluted turns which compel you to track back to make a sense out of them. “memento” is a good example. but the minute people start interpreting the messages in them, my interests wanes. for me the cinematic thrills do not include interpreting the overt or covert socio-religious-philosophical-theological hints that the director had intended. then again, interpreting and evaluating a character and the machinations of his minds is a different thing all together, i love that too!

now coming back to movie, it is a romantic science-fiction(groovy ehh..) stirred with mysticism of ancient mayans and the religious fervor of genesis of old testament. i know, a delectable mix. but thats the point, the movie had unnecessary abstractions. three timelines, and some 100mins later, all you see is the director trying to say the all too cliched mantra of “karma” and life being just a fickle illusion created by “moh and maya”. AWW COME ON !!!
ok i know it is supposedly cool to talk about materiality of life and uselessness of earthly pursuits but plzzzz dun a make movie out of it.

~NOM 😀


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