sadness and beauty

Disclaimer: I will try my best not to make it sound like a boring book review

A Fine Balance: Very realistic description of a poor man’s life during emergency. The novel in it’s entirety is not tragic, just a little sad, largely like a commentary on the hardships. The ending, well different story all together. Last few pages KILL you, and i mean it. I reeled in the after shock for like a day. It’s sudden, swift and brutal. It leaves a bitter after taste in mouth, “How and Why” two unanswered questions like hanging like the stars when you close your eyes in sun, you just cant get rid of them.

A Thousand Splendid Suns: Another tragedy, this time a depiction of life in war torn Afghanistan throughout the communist Russian regime, subsequent war between afghan factions, Taliban and finally coalition forces. and crushed in midst of all this the lives of two women. But here lies the difference from ‘A Fine..”. This one wrenches your gut at every stage of novel. It’s like the pages were written to make you hate the world. But the ending is satisfactory in a very bollywood-ish way. Sacrifices are made en route happiness for the last standing character.

PS I realized while writing this, i actually like the sadness embroiled in the pages. It’s like I feed on human emotions be it happy, sad, angry whatever.
This brings me on to another topic, it has always given me a perverse satisfaction to peep into someones life, even if it were fictional, to be privy to his decisions, his choices, likes, dislikes. I cant put a finger on it as to why, or exactly what is it that i relish. I will someday. 🙂


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