ok on second thoughts it was bad idea :X

for e.g what should i make of this


certainly a bad (although in a way appropriate) time to read such a post ! I did’nt even remember this phase of my life, and the trouble is i had left it behind.

One source of anguish in most of the posts i remember, it was X. I remember the beginning, now here comes the weird part, i have absolutely no recollection how i got over it. The only thing i can think of is that I had too much going on in my life at that time, CAT, then results then GDPI etc. etc.

But that in a way makes me wonder that is no emotion in me strong enough to stand the test of time ? What makes it weird is that i go overboard when i am actually in midst of it. But once i get past it (time, distance, distractions) I take remarkably short time to forget it.

Am i too weird or can someone identify with me 😐


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