me !

I like stringing together random words to make cryptic phrases. I like it cause I am the only person who knows what they actually mean; at least what they mean to me [:D]
I also like creating oxymorons, although i am not exactly good at it [:P] Oxymorons remind me of my life !
I like movies which make me smile, not laugh, guffaw, grin or giggle; just smile.
I like dreaming, day dreaming, about fantastically impossible things that I can never do, it takes away my mind from the near pointless existence that i lead [:P] and for the same reason I am jealous of people whose lives are driven by purpose [:O]
I like smileys, all sorts of them. I cannot hold an online conversation without a smiley in every sentences. Turns out people find it irritating at times [:S]
I like crowds which led me to believe that i am scared of being lonely; but then again every once in a while i love to be alone.
I like writing; but most of the times i cannot think of anything to write [:P] I am sure you all will have no doubts about the origin of this post now [:D]

I just remembered that once upon a time I used to love waking up till wee hours of morning and blogging just before i sleep.

PS 2nd September, 0515 hrs
PPS I promise i will do this more often now, thanks to my nocturnal work hours.


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