Wisdom simplified

The split second picture of sanity and peace that lures you with the promise of life is only a farce because the ugly patches of the scene are hidden behind foggy haze of your memories.

I am sure to a logical mind the above line must have seemed like a bucket ful of chicken poop, which it probably is; but the point I am trying to make here is that our brain has a brain of it’s own.

It manipulates our memories to supply us with selective feeds of visuals which create the past with which we feel comfortable. The past which seems like the logical precursor to the choices we would have made later in life. The past, in effect, that led to this present.
All this, if our present is actually happy.

In the equally likely case of imminent dissatisfaction and general discontent with present life the brain goes into self-depreciating mode and selectively saves the strands of memories that intensify the stench of horse-shit you have landed yourself in. The strands that remind you of the should-not-have-beens of life.

Now if you are intelligent/lucky/omniscient and consequently have not read the above few lines, here is what i actually wanted to say.

If you are happy you remember the good things of life and conveniently forget the events that have no relation to your present being,

If you are sad you only harp about the things that have led to your sad and pathetic state of existence and forget the other wonderful incidents that might have happened to you.

common sense right 😀 and you wasted 5 precious minutes if you read this post from the start. Now this is why I hate self help books. This actually, right here in this last sentence, was the point I was trying to make :S


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