Ouch !

What do you do when you see a movie character that you totally identify with, it’s like looking in a mirror (cliche I know). You relate to it’s aspirations, dreams, the confusion, the conflict. You empathize with the crisis it’s going through. You can see yourself at the same crossroad, failing magnificently in the process of choosing the right path.

Well I am sure everyone has felt this and nothing very blog-worthy about it, except that what do you do when that character is a- well how to put it, a 26-27 year female ! Perhaps this too is common, just that the first time always hurts :S

Anyway it was funny when i thought it in my mind.

PS movie – Definitely, maybe; character – April; The exact similarity was about the what she wanted from life – or rather the lack of any clarity in her mind regarding the same.


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