The Last Hurrah

The mist gave a hollow luminescence to the light from the bulb. The yellow paint on the walls had lost its sheen long ago. It merely clung to the walls like decaying leaves on the branches of a tree, ever ready to fall down at the slightest whisper of wind. The door had somehow held its fort till now. Scarred by the brutal whiplashes of incessant rain and unforgiving sun, it still somehow managed to stand upright.

Of course he did not notice all this, he was too busy doing nothing. His supine form evoked neither pity nor sadness, it just registered briefly in the minds of an observer as another victim of the cruel game called life. His eyes radiated the the dull, yet never-ending pain of defeat. His breath itself came in a lazy stupor of disinterest. The world had given up on him, his body was about to.His mind although was a different story entirely.

If one could peep into his brain, one would find a mystical universe of words, thoughts and ideas zooming at the speed of light. He was not thinking, not consciously at least. Shapeless voices echoed the song of hope, of life. His lips moved ever so slightly to acknowledge the sound of his soul. He knew he will do it. He was destined to after all. He just had to figure out a way to will himself to face the daunting task.

The smile had spread to the eyes now. The light had managed to pierce the fog and was bouncing off his now radiating cheeks. He had not given up, not yet.


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