Trivial Updates.

Mythology is replete with horrifying anecdotes of God’s wrath that befell on those who chose a life of depraved immorality, sin and in general waywardness from all that is good.

Things like eternity in hell, reincarnation as a lowly life form, hollow emptiness where your soul was supposed to be; are just few of the chart-toppers in God’s this-is-how-i-roll-when-i-am-pissed list.


Having had the misfortune of packing and unpacking a total of four times in the last two years, I have come to believe firmly that i-sentence-you-to-another-house-hunting/shifting is one of the highly underrated weapons in the Holy One’s arsenal.

The sheer inhumanness of the process is mind-boggling. And there is a special 128-beat disco version for the hard-ass incorrigible sinners, where-in you are made to waste your weekend in meticulous (OK not so much) packing and then shown the door when you land up at your DREAM NEW HOME! (Yes it did happen, reasons are unimportant)

Anyhow, all that is in the past, and I sort of like my new abode. First of all, it is huge. We (me and my 3 flat mates) can host a party of 50 people in our hall and still sleep peacefully in our separate bedrooms. In fact it is big enough to crack the lame “mera ghar toh itna bada hai ki do rooms ke beech mein roaming lagti hai” joke.

I am yet to embark on the unpacking journey. I am stalling it because I want to do it right this time. You know like keeping all the clothes neatly in closet with separate shelves for work and casual clothes, books in the bookshelf instead of my bed, dirty clothes in laundry bag rather than on my bed, food stuff in refrigerator as opposed to- yes you guessed it right, on my bed. And no this is not because I have a smaller bed this time, I am genuinely gunning for a new cleanliness-compatible version of mine.

Hopefully we would abandon our cavemen like existence today and get Wi-fi at home. Thus enabling me to work at office from tomorrow instead of hogging Internet bandwidth for blog posts and other cyber-exploits.

PS Considering the fact that this is the first one, I seem to doing well on my resolution of longer blog posts.


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