Life has been confusing for the past few months.

Things that seemed important have been relegated to ‘Oh-you-are-still-here’.

Things that seemed ‘This-is-what-I-want’ have been queuing outside my door daily, desperately hoping for my greedy and sensually charged eyes to fall on them. Fall they did, but I have been shying away from leaving my comfort-laden bed and making that daily journey to the door.

Things that seemed ‘haha-what-are-you-for’ have been graced with undue attention leading to ‘oh-you-are-still-here’ sitting up and taking notice and ‘This-is-what-I-want’ contemplating hunger strikes and what not.

Mostly, everyone was waiting for me to put all this in writing and see the fuck-uptiness of it all.

The voices in my head have been in a major competition for my attention, with those of my bosses and colleagues. Meanwhile, my once a month charge towards demystifying life has been buoyed by a fortuitous overlap with a Monday morning. I am definitely not primed for any productive work today.


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