Because you were the greatest ever.

I have been staring at the screen for the past 5 minutes, wondering where and how to start. It’s not like I am short of words, Oh no, definitely not. I am just scared, afraid whether whatever I pen down would do justice to the man, the legend.

Because my minuscule skills in painting a picture out of words would fail to capture the greatness. the romanticism, the grit and above all the  sheer talent of el fenomeno.

I can parrot off a list of statistics and awards or drown you in a deluge of video’s . But that would be belittling the man, as would putting the blame-dump on the nefarious thyroid or the fragile knee or the infamous seizure.  But I am not here to prove his greatness.

I would rather just close my eyes and thank him for making me smile countless times in past, for scripting the greatest redemption saga in sports history, for letting me be the happiest person on earth on 30th June 2002.

Because you Sir, were the Greatest striker ever to grace the game. Period.


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