In Other News

Me being Y back then is the the reason X is what it is today. Me being P back then is the reason Q is what it is today.  Y wanting to be P is the reason I am what I am right now, at this second.

Okay now that the inscrutable algebra lesson is over and I have safely taken out of my system the  insufferable urge to crap all over the place, I shall retire, or may be not.

Also, I realized today that I can, with fair accuracy, compare my brain to the knowledge repository of consulting firms. Seems like I have already committed all possible fuck-ups, and I keep revisiting my old fuck-ups to find the one matching my current predicament and getting out of it unscathed, okay maybe not unscathed, but still.

Also, a pretty detailed, albeit obfuscated, account of my life in my blog has helped in an organized documentation of my travails. I feel omniscient.


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