‘Enjoy’. A simple word.

This idea of perfection, happiness, contentment and other such things that we form in our mind is often quite counterproductive.

The entire spiel of single-minded-devotion-towards-what-you-want-to-achieve is overrated, terribly. You tend to bypass a major chunk of your life, forgetting to have fun, in the quest of your one dream (i am  talking only about those one-day-i-will-do-this dreams). You decide to do away with the carrot you have , in order to get busy  chasing that alluring, much bigger carrot dangling in front of your nose.  And more often than not, even when you manage to bite the carrot, it is either quite bland, or you realize that shockingly enough, you are now incapable of  running without a carrot in front of you. And then you look for more carrots to dangle in front of you nose… you get it, right? My point is that either way you just forget to ‘ENJOY’.

I would much rather prefer to take that proverbial lemonade than wait for the not-so-proverbial-but-very-tasty chocolate shake. Which by the way, will take some time to make. Possibly, a long time. It might not get made at all.

I read this somewhere, and it sums up everything that i want to say perfectly:  Deferring your happiness to the future is a terrible idea

PS Of course, this is not meant for people who don’t agree with this.


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