The Final Act

Dear WordPress

I realize, and I hope you do too, that this is not working out.  I never have enough things to say to you. Conversation is halting and awkward at best.

I have a confession to make, all those late night office meetings were a lie. I had been cheating on you; sometimes with her:!/oxyscapist.

And today, I am here probably for the last time. I am leaving.  I want you to know that you were special, you still are.  I don’t think I would let anyone fuck-up my head like you did. I have lost count of the times you brought a smile to my face. Or the times when you pacified my rants without a question. And I know my secrets would be safe with you, forever.

I will be shacking up with her for a while: , maybe.  I have given her your name. Yes, it would always be YOUR name.  Try to forgive me, I never knew it would come to this.

With Love



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