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So a lot of people seem to have a lack of hand-eye coordination. I seem to be lacking severely in heart-mind coordination. But then the more mature ones would try to edify that such is the case with so many lesser mortals, why is this moron cribbing. To them I say Fuck You, this is my blog.  This is where I cry! This-is-where-yoouuu-diiee. Err, or something like that.

I have a love-hate relation with sanity. The more it tries to love me, the more I hate it.

To further illustrate my heart-mind coordination deficiency, consider this; I have about 8 hours worth of work to do before tomorrow morning 10 ‘o’ clock. So that leaves me with about 6 hours to sleep, eat, shit and do other general stuff, and ZERO time for blogging. This is,  if I work for straight 8 hours till 4 in the morning. My brain understands this, ponders over the herculean task ahead and politely albeit firmly, asks me to start working.

Now here is the beauty of heart, it gives a compelling argument appealing to my vanity and tells me how I can heroically finish off the work in a mere 4 hour stretch if I seriously get to it.  And how this atrocious work regimen demands an explosion of sarcasm filled blog post. And I give in. After all who doesn’t fall prey to the romanticism of heroics against adversity.

PS I am so looking forward to that Leh trip.

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